Chiral Chromatography

Our synthetic Laboratories maintains Certified Impurity Standards and providing high pressure liquid chromatography development services. SSbioanalytics the largest Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Impurity and the best provider of Pharmaceutical Impurity Reference Standards offer services including

  • Chiral HPLC Method Development (Analytical & Preparative)
  • Chiral LC MS Compatible Method
  • Chiral Purifications HPLC/SFC
  • Chiral HPLC Method Development Training
  • Contract Chiral Separations Services Using PREP HPLC & PREP SFC


Have you developed a simplified method and you would want the same to be studied and validated, SSbioanalytics the supplier of Certified Analytical Reference Standards, analytical method development and Pharmaceutical Impurity Reference Standards can support you in giving solutions

  • Related Substance by HPLC
  • Assay by HPLC
  • Enantiomeric purity method by chiral HPLC
  • Residual solvents method by GC HS
  • HPLC Method Development and Validation

Impurity Isolation

One of the fast growing requirement in today’s Pharmaceutical Industry in developing advance drugs is that of Impurity Isolation. Our Synthetic Laboratories are well qualified in providing Drug Impurity Standards.

  • Impurity isolation from API & Drug product
  • Impurity Characterization

Development Services

With a cutting edge Laboratory tools for analytical testing and synthetic work Our Laboratory Partners can and will support in unknown impurity structure elucidation, method validations, formulation development using

  • Assay Validation
  • Related Substance Method by HPLC
  • Chiral
  • OVI

About SSbioAnalytics

Established in the year 2014, SsbioAnalytics is fastest growing Company in sourcing and supplying of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) Impurities, Specialty chemicals, Drug intermediates, Microbiology and Biotechnology test kits, Serums from Australian, NZ and Brazilian origin.

With established connections across various Synthetic laboratories within India and Abroad we today serve the requirements of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries at various geographical locations in India and even export to majority of Asian and Middle Eastern countries.


Our Products Range


  • “Commercially economical, High Quality products, Very less turn around time these are the attributes we see in SsbioAnalytics”.

  • “Having bought Lipid Profile & HBsAg test kits from SsbioAnalytics who have provided us the alternate from a reputed European Company our cost has reduced by nearly 3 times helping us to use the budgets in better procurements”

  • “SsbioAnalytics have now become our key partners in supply of impurity standards. We once faced an issue with one of the Glycoparolate impurity they supplied and not worrying about the cost implications they have provided us a USP vial to clear our Audit while parallel cleared the issue with the impurity and supplied the same as well nothing at an extra cost”


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